Energieerlebnis Schönau EN

Energy experience Schönau in the Black Forest

With its initiatives for alternative energy sources, the small country town of Schönau in the Black Forest became world famous amongst energy experts and members of the public engaged in an exit from nuclear and fossil fuels.
Schönau is situated in one of the most beautiful valleys of the Black Forest and is a popular tourist spot. Visitors can experience and learn about energy in many different ways in the “Energy experience Schönau” park.

An Energy Theme Park

The Energy Theme Park Buchenbrändle will tell you a lot about different sources of energy and their connection with climate change.
Sonnja comments on everything, Birni explains anything worth knowing for children (and adults). At some stations you will even get to try things out for yourself.
Click on the different stations and find out what topics and questions they cover. You will find the answers on-site at the Energy Theme Park Buchenbrändle. And for anyone interested in even more details, QR codes at each station provide links to further information.