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2. Glacial polish {Ice age in the greenhouse?}

Traces of the last ice age are still visible today, even here in Buchenbrändle. It is hard to believe that here, deep down in the valley, there used to be a glacier. But the rocks in Buchenbrändle were rounded by the glacier and until today, you can see the glacial polish. So what does this tell us?

Ice ages and warm intervals – climate change is nothing new…

Ice ages and warm intervals have always come and gone – even without the influence of mankind. Could this also be verified by the changing amounts of the greenhouse gas CO<sub>2</sub> in the atmosphere?
What was the CO<sub>2</sub>-level before mankind started burning coal, oil and gas on a large scale?
And where are we today – in comparison to the geological history of the last two million years? How great were the natural variations between ice ages and warm intervals? How different is our influence on the atmospheric composition from a normal warm interval?