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14. Outlook (Back to equilibrium)

In as little as 150 years, mankind has burnt so much coal, oil and gas that the climate on earth is already changing. The CO<sub>2</sub>-level in the air has noticeably climbed from 280 to more than 400 ppm – a value that was last this high four million years ago.

This has consequences…

…not just for our grandchildren but for many generations to come. One often reads what will change by the end of this century if we continue as before: for example a rise of the sea levels by about one meter. But happens after this?
The Romans built the colosseum almost 2000 years ago. Where will the sea level be 2000 years from now? Well, this depends on how quickly an exit from fossil fuels will be possible. What we will do today and in the next few decades will mark the next millennia.